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    • 20:03
    • 07 dic

    New EU constitutional architecture for enlargement: Tremonti

    NATO Defence College Foundation conference on Balkans, Black Sea
    • 18:00
    • 07 dic

    EU summit decisive for enlargement: Ukraine's deputy PM

    Ora agenda characterised "by vetoes"
    • 10:34
    • 05 dic

    No consensus on Ukraine, avoid failure: Orban

    Hungary ask not to include Kyiv on EU summit agenda
    • 10:33
    • 05 dic

    EU rejects Polish plan to resolve blockade on Ukraine border

    Idea of restoring permits is unacceptable: Valean
    • 17:55
    • 04 dic

    Polish PM urges EU to end Ukraine transport waiver

    And to reinstate entry permits for Ukrainian trucks
    • 12:52
    • 04 dic

    No place for Ukraine's accession in council agenda: Orban

    Proposal "unfounded and poorly prepared"
    • 11:48
    • 02 dic

    Over 20 nations call for tripling of nuclear energy

    It plays a "key role" in reaching the goal of carbon neutrality
    • 09:50
    • 01 dic

    Risks for European unity from Ukraine in the EU: PM Orban

    "No agreement on the agenda"
    • 08:38
    • 30 nov

    OSCE caught in tug-of-war between Moscow and West

    Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will boycott summit
    • 17:53
    • 27 nov

    Blinken heads to NATO meeting, focus on Ukraine and Balkans

    From November 27-29
    • 15:56
    • 27 nov

    Michel, Orban discuss EU enlargement and aid to Kiev

    The meeting at the Buda Castle
    • 09:52
    • 27 nov

    Allies' uncertainties hurt Ukraine: Czech President

    "We have no choice but to give Kyiv everything it needs"
    • 12:36
    • 23 nov

    'Putin's Europe', a research project on Putin's propaganda

    A discussion on Russia, Europe and the challenges for liberalism
    • 19:14
    • 22 nov

    Russia can restore peace by withdrawing Meloni tells G20

    PM condemns Moscow's actions, damage to poorer countries
    • 09:22
    • 21 nov

    German defence chief vows support in Ukraine visit

    Berlin is the second-biggest supplier of military assistance
    • 13:45
    • 16 nov

    Warsaw-Kyiv talks to unblock solidarity lanes failed: EU

    "The discussions must continue"