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Getty to return Orpheus and the Sirens to Italy

Life-size 4th C BC terracotta group sought since 2006

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 12 - The Getty Museum in Los Angeles on Friday said it would return a famed and illicitly exported Ancient Greek statuary group, Orpheus and the Sirens, to Italy.
    The groups includes life-size terracotta figures of a poet and two sirens, or singing mermaids.
    It was discovered in Puglia and dates back to the fourth century BC, when Magna Graecia culture was at its peak in southern Italy.
    Italy has been seeking to get it back since 2006.
    Manhattan prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos recently proved that the group was exported from Italy illegally.
    The prosecutor's efforts also recently resulted in the return to Italy of 142 other antiquities, mostly from the collection of New York financier Michael Steinhardt. (ANSA).


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